Peter Hofmann’s FORM tricorder – EN

Our long-time friend and design co-developer Peter Hofmann has realized a nice personal project: an app (or library, on which the app is based), with which FORMs can be visualized and quickly calculated, because on paper it „always looks terrible and confusing, if you want to draw a few hooks quickly“:

FORM tricorder <- click link

With this app, different variants of FORMs can be visualized, including the self-equivalent re-entry FORMs.

We can print them as:

  • calculations or as
  • depth trees
  • in circle notations or
  • in the familiar Spencer-Brownian hook notations

Example {L,R} {2r+1|L,E,R}:

Lookup table (of course incomplete)


Depth tree
Circle notation


Hook notation

All visualizations can be exported as images, and it can be linked directly to FORMs and representations, since the URL is provided with hash tags for each action which lead back to the entered FORM and selected action – as shown in this example:

Link adress:,/telling/,/understanding/%7D#graph-gsbhooks


If you click on Show explanations, everything will be explained clearly and you can see how the notation of Re-Entry-FORMs works:

For further information about implementation and background have a look at Peter’s library formform (<- click link) at GitHub upon which the FORM tricorder is based:

formform is a modular JavaScript library all about the 4-valued logic of cognition first introduced 2017 by Ralf Peyn in uFORM iFORM. In its core, the purpose of the library is to calculate with all 5 FORMs (marked, unmarked, undetermined, imaginary and unclear) introduced in the book and is meant to be extended with more specialized modules for different tasks such as FORM representation, algebra, visualization or simulation and analysis using CAs.

As a helpful tool for researchers and enthusiasts and as a demonstration of the library’s capabilities I have also created the FORM tricorder. It can calculate, represent and visualize FORMs using my formula syntax (described below under formform.form). You can find all its parts in this repository under /app/.

Please note that my library as well as my app are still work in progress.

This article is translated with the help of DeepL

Additional links:

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